We all have blind spots, we may even carry a deep-rooted unconscious bias of which we are blissfully unaware.


As a leader, we not only need to understand others, but more importantly, we need to really know ourselves. Self-awareness is critical when understanding how others may see or engage with us.


The pathway to being more self-aware is not just about self-reflection, it often involves other people and asking for feedback.


“But where do I start? Is it healthy to open that pandora’s box? What will people think about me? Am I opening myself to judgement and criticism?”


These are all-natural fears and barriers that could stop us from pursuing true enlightenment. That is why it is essential to engage someone you trust to have your best interest at heart to help support you on this journey of self-awareness.


Often the best people to help identify our blind spots are those we know have no hidden agenda other than getting us to be the best version of ourselves. This could be a Business Mentor, a Non-executive Director, or a Leadership coach. Why …… well, these people have already proved to you they are experienced at providing perspective, critical challenges, and the right level of support to help drive transformational change.


At Excelarate, we know leadership coaching and building coaching skills among leaders can have a lasting impact on an organisation’s leadership ecosystem.


If you feel Excelarate could help you or members of your team recognise their blind spots, please get in touch to explore the various tools we have available.

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