June Walker ProfileFor the past 30 years, I have been involved in building and growing businesses by developing and leading hugely successful Leadership teams.

June Walker Profile

Through this experience, I acknowledge why it is crucially important for leaders to be properly equipped with the tools, techniques and highly transferrable skills required for today’s everchanging business environment.  I know that the most successful organisations recognise the significance of Purpose, Vision, and engagement with their people and that is why I developed Excelarate.

As a Non-Executive Director and business coach, I identified that many entrepreneurs and business owners had to learn “on the job” how to build an effective team around them, and in most cases made mistakes along the way.  That is why the team at Excelarate are different from any other training or coaching organisation. As individuals who have practical experience in setting up and growing businesses, we not only understand the “Theory” of building successful organisations but have lived the journey you are now on!

As an imaginative and spontaneous problem solver who enjoys variety and action. 

I am a natural communicator and negotiator who brings energy and vision, creating a fast-paced and fun environment where people can fly.

I am lucky to have the loving and steadfast support of my wonderful husband and our two amazing daughters in everything I do. I am at my happiest surrounded by family, friends, fun and music… with a little pink fizz thrown in for good measure!

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