Who We Are

We are a team of highly experienced, successful, pragmatic business leaders with a track record in start-ups and growing businesses.

After many years of discussing our shared passion and business expertise in supporting individuals and organisations to thrive and excel, in summer 2019, we finally got together and turned our ideas into action.

Welcome to Excelarate.

Our purpose is to super-charge the businesses we work with, supporting them to achieve their goals and objectives with people at the heart of their success.   

Over the years, we recognised that to really achieve business success, the people in your organisation need to be engaged, supported, and developed.  We have designed a suite of programmes that can be tailored to any organisation that maximise everyone’s opportunity to flourish.

We have created our exceptional programmes and frameworks that deliver game-changing employee engagement, development, leadership, team building and coaching by focussing on organisational development, change and improvement. The end results are higher levels of engagement, satisfaction, commitment and ultimately business performance.

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