We all face adversity from time to time, and now more than at any other time, adversity seems to be around every corner.  So, how do we face down adversity and come out the other side, better and bolder?  Read on for some tips that successful people use to overcome adversity and navigate through. 

Invest in Yourself – every day is a school day.  The most successful people never stop learning and developing.  By investing in yourself you improve and grow.  During the last 6 months many of us have taken up new hobbies, volunteered or started learning new skills.  Adversity is a great teacher and offers valuable insights and opportunities to keep developing.   


Be mentally prepared and choose a positive mindset – preparing for the worst and hoping for the best is a great mantra.  Thinking through and planning for the worst-case scenario, makes the disasters seem less disastrous and builds agility, flexibility and mental strength.  Additionally, it gives you the confidence to know that you can navigate your way through any crisis positively and build mental strength.


Keep active – physical activity has many physical health benefits but it also impacts positively on our mood and mental state.  A walk on a lovely day,  a swim, even swinging on a swing releases feel-good hormones and allows you to reflect and get some perspective.


Laugh – it’s the best medicine! It releases nature’s feel-good hormone and resets your brain to be more positive.   Finding your sense of humour lightens the mood and builds resilience.   Even on the darkest of days, the ability to find the humour in the situation lightens your mood and releases tension. 


Don’t give up – commit to finding a way forward.  Look at adversity as something to overcome and solve.  Engage others in helping you.   Sometimes obstacles are a chance to create an alternative path, dream bigger and push yourself forward. 

Keep Going

Believe in your capabilities – if you believe you are capable of finding a way forward – you will.  Think about all of the positive milestones in your life, ask yourself how you achieved these, what skills did you employ and what outcome was delivered? What skills can you apply to adverse situations that will allow you to steer a positive course?


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