Pamela Profile

With over 24 years of progressive business experience in advanced career coaching and organisational culture coaching, I have successfully supported many thousands of people across the world, to drive forward their career and professional ambitions with clarity, vision, purpose and momentum, resulting in fast-paced career progression.

Pamela Martin

I have led and supported career development and interview selection processes with large employers and partnered with a growing community of talented private clients. I help people showcase their strengths and achievements, help them to see their greater potential, enabling them to achieve professional and personal ambitions.

Inspiring, influential and energetic, I am extremely passionate about supporting aspirational people like you to achieve your personal best in all aspects of your career and life.

Generous and warm-hearted, with huge degrees of empathy and encouragement – I have supported individuals and teams through many adverse and sensitive personal and professional circumstances, enabling them to overcome their challenges and achieve future successes.

As well as many years of hands-on experience actively leading transformational change programmes globally, together with respected academic achievements from the University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde Business School, I am recognised as a leading qualified master teacher and trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), which is fully integrated into day to day practice.

Having set up and successfully managed my own business for the last 14 years, I am super excited to team up with two great friends as we propel forward with Excelarate.

Proud mum of two wonderful daughters, married, with a strong set of family values, my family mean the world to me.

Our family love adventure, we are keen skiers and love exploring the mountains together.

I have an amazing network of family and friends. We enjoy spending time together, sharing experiences and creating memories, talking, listening, laughing and generally having loads of awesome fun.