Inner Compass

Exploring your mindset and recognising how this influences results. Building your CV, uncovering the selling point of your career for maximum impact. 

Are you your own worst critic? Are there often times where you think you could’ve done better? Do you often let this little unhelpful voice take over and gain more power than it deserves? Have you ever asked yourself how this impacts on your day to day interaction with others?

Our programme will help you to drown out the noise and take charge by… 

  • Raising awareness of your mindset and how communication occurs within yourself and others
  • Demonstrating how the use of specific language and thinking can guide positive change
  • Create opportunities to re-set thinking and behaviour
  • Integrating positive language techniques throughout your personal branding 
  • Uncovering the selling points in your career, making them transferrable to other roles
  • Promoting your unique skillset
  • Showcasing your key experiences and achievements, creating a compelling, results-focused story of your career
  • Write captivating personal impact statements using positive motivational language

When you begin to recognise the value of your inner critic and get round to mastering your mindset, you learn the art of positive self-talk and take ownership for your personal impact.

Believe in yourself and compel others to believe in you.