Engaging your personal network as an ambassador to maximise opportunities. Preparing for the milestones and challenges of the journey to ensure impeccable interview preparation.

Do you often feel like you’re ‘in it alone’? Are you aware of who can help you? Are you apprehensive about asking? Have you ever considered how willing people are to help you on your journey?

If you’re perplexed by the thought of an interview and daunted by where to start, our programme will help you to identify your network, crank up the courage to ask for support and make the best impression by…

  • Establishing your network
  • Engaging fully with your network and asking for help
  • Building a network of ambassadors, referrers and personal and professional recruiters
  • Exploring and considering potential interview formats and likely questions
  • Demonstrating and practising your competence and alignment using established models
  • Establishing what you need to know and formulate appropriate questions
  • Reflecting and selecting your best career achievements to demonstrate suitability and match

When you recognise that people want you to succeed and you practise and refine how you communicate your strengths and expertise, you’ll nail it. 

Success is when preparation meets with opportunity.